I love taking something that can be found very cheap in a thrift store or a flea market and re-making it into something very cool and modern.

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You will need:

Needlepoint - I find them on Etsy and at flea markets


antler - Also on Etsy and at flea markets

hot glue gun and hot glue

  1. Start on 1 end of the antler and work to the other end.
  2. Cut the different pieces of needlepoint to size and glue to the antler using a lot of hot glue. A good tip is to glue a little at a time and press it down into the form, that way it’s easier to do curves and shapes.
  3. I left the top and end of the antlers uncovered, think it looks mode modern that way.


Photography by Crafts+photography by Paul Lowe

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