Have fun making a Christmas gift stocking for each member of the family. Decorate each with a charming old Christmas photo.

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You will need:

long socks
old family Christmas photos
an inkjet printer
Blumenthal cotton Twill Photo Fabric, (available on eBay and Amazon)
cold tea
embroidery cotton
sewing needle string/twine

  1. Place selected photos onto printer, do a test copy onto paper rst, then cut photo fabric to fit into printer paper feeder (follow directions supplied with photo fabric).
  2. Place fabric face down into paper feed of printer.
  3. Copy photos onto fabric; allow print to dry overnight
  4. Use scissors to cut around printed photos on fabric.
  5. To give an aged look, brush each with cold tea and allow to dry.
  6. Use embroidery cotton to stitch a photo to each sock.
  7. Make loops of knotted string/twine and stitch to the top of each sock.
  8. Hang the stockings!


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