LOVE THIS! This is a craft idea I made for Country Living. It's a tree cut out of vintage wallpapers and glued directly on the wall. Great in any kids room. Looks hard, but it's not.
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  1. Make a template on a roll of finger painting paper.
  2. Cut it out and tape it to your wall. Then it's easy to see if it needs to be bigger or smaller.
  3. Cut out the tree in a wallpaper and glue it to your wall using wallpaper paste.
  4. Cut out leaves in at least 3 different wallpaper patterns.
  5. You will need about 60-80 of them.
  6. Glue them on the tree with the same paste.
  7. Sing a little song and maybe the birds will come and sit in your new tree.


Photography by Philip Friedman

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