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You will need:


dremel tool with drill bit and polish tools


different shaped and sized glass beads, mine are from beadparadise.com


metal beads

  1. Find a perfect shaped walnut.
  2. Open the walnut, and clean and polish the inside.
  3. On each side of the nut, down the midline where the nut opens, drill 10 holes. (There should be 10 small holes on all 4 edges or sides of the nut.)
  4. On the face of each nut, drill 15–20 holes, scattered to your desire.
  5. Thread and twist the wire through a hole on the nut’s bottomside and thread the glass beads. The wire should make up the entire length of the nut.
  6. Twist the string and fix it pearl by pearl through the holes.
  7. Repeat 4 times on each 2 sides of the nut.
  8. Thread the seed beads through all the drilled holes, hide the contact strings inside.
  9. Tie the 2 halfs together, decorate with a bead at the bottom
  10. At the upper ends make a little loop with the seed beads at each end of the half nuts.
  11. Thread one end of a long (armlength) string through the 2 beadloops.
  12. Thread a flowerbead through 2 ends of the string down to the nut, and knot the ends.


Photography by Idea and photos by Dietlind Wolf

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