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Serves 4

you will need:

4 flour tortillas

butter for frying

Justin's Classic Almond Butter, to taste

1 apple cored and sliced thin

Cinnamon (optional)

Creme Fraiche or Yogurt for serving (optional)

  1. Spread as much almond butter as you like on each of your tortillas.
  2. Add a layer of apples to two of the tortillas, half an apple per tortilla.
  3. Sprinkle on a little cinnamon for extra flavor.
  4. Top with the other tortilla to make a sandwich.
  5. In a pan, over medium heat, fry each side of the quesadilla until golden. Set aside and repeat with the second quesadilla.
  6. Allow the quesadillas to rest about 2 to 3 minutes before cutting in half.
  7. Serve with yogurt or creme fraiche!


Photography by Paul "Sweet Paul" Lowe

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