I have a child-like affection for ice pops. As a kid, I loved slowly taking them out of the wrapper and then devouring them, and that love has not lessened with age. These are among my favorite ice pops to make. Some are for kids and some are more for grown ups—but they are all sure to keep you cool on a warm summer’s day.

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I had a pop like this once in Miami. It’s creamy and sweet with a kick from the strong coffee. I love to serve this pop with a shot of dark rum.

MAKES 8-10

1 small can sweetened condensed milk
1 cup heavy cream
2 cups strong brewed espresso
4 tablespoons sugar

  1. In a bowl, mix condensed milk and heavy cream.
  2. In another bowl, mix coffee and sugar.
  3. Start by pouring a layer of condensed milk into your molds. Freeze solid.
  4. Add a layer of coffee. Freeze solid, and finish with a layer of condensed milk. Add the sticks with the last layer.
  5. Once the whole pop is frozen solid, remove from molds and serve.


The best way to remove pops from the mold is to run the mold under hot water for a few seconds, then gently pull out the pops. If they’re stuck, just put the mold under hot

water a little longer.

Photography by Paul 'Sweet Paul' Lowe

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