It's Thanksgiving week here at Sweet Paul Blog. That means that I will post 3 times a day until thursday. It's monday and it's time to start thinking about that big bird.
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I'm taking my favorite chicken recipe and using it for its bigger sister. This year the old bird will be covered in maple syrup and apricot jam. I know brining is all the range these days, but for me it's to salty. The stuffing will be an olivebread and herb stuffing. It's time to go buy the bird today. If you can afford it, get an organic turkey. You will really taste the difference. And make sure you have everything you need like a roasting pan thats big enough, a brush with a long handle, a baster etc. You can find my recipe in the online version of Sweet Paul Magazine. Enjoy!

 See my Turkey Recipe


Photography by Hector Sanchez

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