Classic Norwegian sweet rice porridge served with cinnamon and butter!

Every Christmas morning was the same in my house. We all got up early, watched the Disney Holiday Special on TV, and ate Risengryns Grot. I’m not even going to try to translate that one. It’s simply a rice porridge served with sugar, cinnamon, and butter.

But you know, it wasn’t really so much about the porridge as it was about nding the almond in the porridge.

I know, it’s confusing.

Every year an almond was hidden in the porridge and whoever got it in their bowl would get a prize! Typically the prize is a marzipan treat, but in our house it was 50 crowns! As a kid 50 crowns was
a lot.

My mormor would always make the porridge and I would sneak around trying to figure out which bowl she put the almond in. She would shush me out of the kitchen and I would walk around nervously, thinking about what to buy with so much money. Candy, a new toy, a pair of shoes? Endless possibilities.

I have no idea what I was nervous about, however, as I got the almond every year. That is until my sister came along and ruined my world. After her arrival, it was almond time for me every other year. The horror!

I honestly hadn’t had Risengryns Grot in at least 20 years. When I made it for this shoot and tasted it I must admit.... I shed a tear. I just got overwhelmed by memories. There’s nothing wrong with a good cry now and then.

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Serves 6

You will need:

11⁄2 cups medium grain white rice (I use sushi rice)
2 cups water
5 cups whole milk
1 teaspoon salt
2 to 3 tablespoons sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
sugar, to taste
cinnamon, to taste
butter, to taste
1 almond prize!
  1. Place rice and water in a large pot and let it simmer on low heat until almost all water is gone.
  2. Add the milk a little at a time (almost like making risotto) until you have a smooth and creamy porridge.
  3. Stir often so it does not burn.
  4. If the porridge is too thick then add a little more milk.
  5. Add salt, sugar, and vanilla, and stir well.
  6. Serve in bowls with a coat of sugar, cinnamon, and about 1 tablespoon of butter in each.
  7. Don’t forget to place 1 almond in a bowl, and have the prize ready!


Classic Norwegian sweet rice porridge served with cinnamon and butter!
Photography by Food+styling+photography by Paul Lowe

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